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How to Write Philosophy Essay Guide Tips - Bestessay4u

Writing a winning philosophy essay might not sound hard or complicated, a lot of caution needs to be taken to avoid mistakes that could cost you good grades. In philosophy essay writing, you need to demonstrate your understanding of the question, your arguments and answers to the given question using philosophical theories and questioning. Is there existence of a higher power? What is reality? Am I objective? These are some of the critical questions that a philosophy essay might have to answer. This explains why many philosophical essay questions demand proper demonstration of your understanding of the subject by means of well-explained talk points. Getting Started What Is a Philosophy Essay? In writing a philosophy essay, your intention is to convince a reader with your points. As such, you should be able to provide your arguments in a single and a clear statement. Otherwise, if you do not state your arguments coherently, the reader is forced to believe that you do not have a clear understanding of the topic. It is also is very difficult to provide a compelling conclusion when the reader does not understand your point of view. Philosophy essays are thus a medium in which you express your opinion backing up with facts and philosophical theories. How to Start a Philosophy Essay? Whatever you decide to support, introducing your topic should not merely start with your views. You should clearly state your stance to the reader, outlining clearly why you support the theory or argument. There are a few ways you can use to start your essay, but you should always ensure that you suggest your talking points and give reasons why you are arguing from that point of view. What a Philosophy Essay Introduction? In the introductory part of the essay, you should also give a clear outline of what you are going to talk about in the paper, and why you think it will have an impact. You can do it in the form of short but precise reasons to why you think your argument has a basis. This can also be achieved by direct skimming through the points that you will use as the basis of arguments. How to Write a Good Philosophy Essay? To write a compelling essay, there are a few steps to bear in mind. First, you need to read the question well to understand what is required of it. Since a philosophy essay depends on your view to show your understanding, you need to be very keen when reading the question so as to understand it properly. Does the question require you to synthesize, analyze or give arguments for or against the subject? Here, terms such as critically examine, give your opinion, expound or show your understanding should not be confused with each other. â€Å"To distinguish,† for example, is different from â€Å"to differentiate† as the former requires you to give the definitions of the terms to show how they are dissimilar from each other while the latter demands you to examine the characteristics to illustrate the differences. The key concepts in the question should also be checked at. Such things as the theories proposed and the approaches play a major role in the direction of your argument. Tips and Tricks for Writing a Compelling Philosophy Essay Body The wrong understanding of the question makes your body of work null and void no matter how well your arguments and talking points might be. Ensure you organize your ideas logically and systematically. To assemble your points well, you need to create an outline since you will be able to note any problems with your essay. For example, if your ideas are not systematically following each other, you might reconsider rearranging them. Different ideas should be explained in separate paragraphs ensuring to create consistency. Ideas that are similar need to follow each other or to be used to argue a fact in corresponding paragraphs. You should also use conjunctions to create a smooth flow of ideas making it easy to read your piece. You need to maintain your readers’ attention so that they understand your whole point of view as you move towards the end of the write-up. Creating a Proper Layout Coming Up with a Good Philosophy Essay Outline Think over intriguing arguments that ensure your essay is succinct and also appealing to the eye of the reader. Just as mentioned above, you should use clear statements to disclose your argument and keep the reader informed of what you are trying to prove. A layout is what creates a roadmap or a basis on how you will outline your facts. Creating a good one can be achieved with the use of a hook, for example, ‘This academic paper aims to propose†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ or any other statement that will set the pace of your discussion. What Is a Good Philosophy Essay Structure? Your structure should incorporate both your introduction, where you outline your ideas and your main body where you argue out ideas. This should be followed by a conclusion that summarises the points, statements of theories or possible reasons. Show your understanding of the question and use proper theories to explain your arguments. To show the reader that you understand the question, avoid vague expressions and statements. This can be done by being brief but clear when explaining your points. Of course, it does not mean that you should give very short comments, but also avoid being too descriptive as it will lead to providing unnecessary information. Here Is a Great Way to Write a Philosophy Essay Conclusion Your conclusion should summarize your talk points or at least synthesize some theories that try to explain possible outcomes from your arguments. This enables the reader to understand your proposition and agree with your view. To create good observations, questions asked through the papers should be answered with either backed up evidence. Philosophy Essay Tips and Tricks You Need to Have You might not be able to expound enough on how to write philosophy essays but here is a general guideline to ensure that you do not get lost. A philosophy essay should not be confused with an academic paper because you are required to write a research paper neither your impressions or feelings but a defence to a reasoned thesis. Presentation of evidence is also necessary, and it is best if you assume the reader knows a lot about your subject and is arguing against; hence you need to convince them with concrete arguments. Give enough arguments instead of picking small points that support your view. The ‘fortress approach,’ as it is referred to makes your essay low-cut thus not convincing. Keep track of your arguments and let the reader also be able to follow you along, using many arguments also easily make you lose your reader. Use only strong, compelling arguments as weak ones make an impression of the lack of knowledge on the subject. Value depth more than breadth. This means that it is better to focus on fewer points and develop enough conviction for your reader than rely on many unclear statements as they are unconvincing. Give focus and attention to detail on your paper to show the reader that you are keen and know what you are talking about. This also enables you to write without confusing your arguments and running to wrong conclusions. Avoid typos, grammatical errors and other general mistakes. Since a philosophical paper is an academic piece of writing, avoid simple but costly typos and errors. Citations should also be included to ensure your work is not considered plagiarised and references written properly. Science is cumulative, and thus you might need to refer to someone else’s work which is moral but ensure proper citation and references is used. Are you interested in writing a philosophy paper that is not just comprehensive, but also compelling enough? We can help you do this. Our expert essay writers have years of experience in offering quality work. Buy essay papers online or get essay writing help from us at a discounted price. Call us today!

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Approaches To Psychology And Christianity Religion Essays

Approaches To Psychology And Christianity Religion Essays Approaches To Psychology And Christianity Religion Essay Approaches To Psychology And Christianity Religion Essay Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, written by David N. Entwistle, is a thorough scrutiny sing the integrating of psychological science and divinity, in which both effort to understand human nature. Integration is described as a thing that we discover when we are bring outing the cardinal integrity that God created, every bit good as something we do as we create ways of believing about, uniting, and using psychological and theological truths ( Entwistle, 2004, p. 19 ) . An person s worldview is one s life position, which filters their world. Both the psychologist and the theologian bring their worldviews and presuppositions into their separate methodological analysiss and ends. The writer s theocentric theoretical account unites divinity and psychological science, as both have similar constructs that derive from God s created universe. In order to achieve a holistic position of human nature, both are necessary ( Entwistle, 2004 ) . Before psychological science was classified as a scientific discipline, it had deep roots in doctrine and faith, though it was non successful in covering with serious psychological upsets ( Entwistle, 2004, p. 44 ) . During this clip the church leaders were deemed the religious doctors, caring for the psyches of work forces. ( Entwistle, 2004, pp. 44-45 ) . The church leaders were involuntarily pushed into the back shadows with the rise of psychological science, when wonder began to ship upon the unconscious of adult male, traveling psychological science from analyzing the centripetal systems of adult male to analyzing the mental procedures of adult male ( Entwistle, 2004, p. 49 ) . Integration demands to acknowledge and spot the integrity of all truth , that is that all truth is God s truth, wherever it may be found. A comprehensive integrating will affect, harmonizing to the Alliess paradigm, a holistic position on how human existences unrecorded, learn, believe, experience, believe, and associate to each other and to god ( Etwistle, 2004, p. 239 ) . The book of God s word ( Bible ) and the book of God s plants ( creative activity ) neer struggle, but the readings of adult male may be inconsistent at times ( Entwistle, 2004, p. 262 ) . Human nature is complex and multifaceted. Psychology and divinity must be integrated because human existences are integrated in themselves. It is erroneous to construct truth upon merely a few strands of the whole tapestry, lest we lose sight of the full being. Integration must dwell of the faith reading of both books, analyzing with careful exegesis and hermeneutics, and re-evaluating psychological logical thinking, informations and theories. We must larn to be comfy with the fact that there will be some degree of uncertainness and ambiguity we will ever hold to populate with ( Entwistle, 2004, pp. 273-274 ) . Concrete Response My hubby and I were pastoral leaders in a church where anything outside of the church was non considered ministry. We were told that God wanted us to work in full clip ministry, which meant working full clip with no steady wage. I did nt hold any formal preparation in the bible nor in guidance, yet I preached and counseled. Everything was by religion, with the false belief that all cognition and mending entirely comes through the Spirit of the Lord. All of the instruction and advocate given stemmed from the leader s injuries and experiences. This was of no benefit to the parishioners, particularly to those who had echt mental wellness issues. My hubby and I finally moved off to another province. Whenever I tried to give advocate, I found that spiritual people either felt they did non necessitate it, or believed I was someway non religious plenty. I besides found that nonreligious people tended to be disinterested in hearing anything about God. Every clip I opened my oral cavity, I seemed to happen my pes in it. Five old ages after we left that church I enrolled in Liberty University to go on my instruction in psychological science, still deeply fighting with my anti-psychology beliefs. I eventually take to travel into professional guidance. I desired to be equipped and effectual in reding. Over the old ages I have come to cognize Christians who have had existent psychological issues, but they merely sought out Christian advocate. Most still have those issues today, still concealing behind faith. Contemplation With the integrating of divinity and psychological science, are we trying to make a separate Christian psychological science? If so, would this Christian psychological science be less effectual for those who are non Christians, or do we necessitate transition before they are able to partake of God s wisdom? If so, are we keep backing the really grace and graciousness of God, burying that fact that His Sun rises on the immorality every bit good as the good ( Mat. 5:45 ) . I besides wonder if integrating is realistically possible with all the assorted positions underneath the umbrella of Christian divinity. Christianity has legion opposing theories and decisions, similar to secular psychological science. I do nt believe full integrating will of all time be possible, but I am confident that Spirit filled Christians have the power and ability to spot and move in such a manner to work towards the healing and integrity of each client. Entwistle was really constructive in saying the importance and possibility of integrating ( in which I disagree ) . He outlined assorted historical every bit good as modern-day point of views refering integrating, giving his sentiment on which 1s promote a holistic position. He besides suggested several utile methods of integrating. Although Entwistle acknowledged the metaphysical work of the Holy Spirit in integrating, I was disappointed that he did nt do this a important subject. I find it is of import to incorporate, yet believe that full integrating may be impossible. I would hold besides liked to hold read more about the booby traps of being unequipped in ministry when covering with mental wellness issues. Action Given that each human being is complex, guidance can be debatable. A holistic attack is the lone manner one can tap into the interior elaboratenesss of adult male. I would plead with every Christian counsellor to continuously analyze their Black Marias. Due to the nature of our society and civilization today, I would propose they carefully consider every facet of their client ( organic structure, psyche and spirit ) . If non, they may make more injury than good. I am determined to work out my prejudices, every bit good as my opposition to alter from anti-psychological thought. I will go on to endeavor to garner all truth, which is God s truth, from every relevant subject. My chief end as a counsellor is to be equipped and ready to draw out the most effectual intervention from my grim inner-integration. I believe every effectual Christian counsellor must be filled with the cognition of God s will in all wisdom every bit good as religious apprehension ( Col 1:9-17 ) , so to convey forth direction with ardor and comprehensiveness from his or her interior depot. This will guarantee the conveyance of both fresh wisdom and ancient wisdom ( Mat 13:52 KJV ; Wordstrudy ) . For one without the other stands deficient.

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The Glass Menagerie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Glass Menagerie - Essay Example Amanda is caught up in the pleasant memories of her youth and the dreams of the Southern belle, hoping to find the same kind of young adulthood for her own daughter and is incapable of considering that her own daughter’s circumstances are vastly different from the circumstances of Amanda’s own youth. Laura, a shy girl with a decided limp as the result of childhood illness, is extremely shy and considers herself incapable of facing the outside world. She prefers to live in the world of her childhood with her music and her glass figurines despite the fact that she needs to find some means of supporting herself in her future. All three of these characters can be seen to live primarily in an internal world of their own creation that directly conflicts with the world outside and makes it difficult for them to confront real-life issues. Despite his attempts to escape his past, Tom tells the audience at the end of the play that he followed â€Å"in my father’s footstep s, attempting to find in motion what was lost in space. I traveled around a great deal †¦ I would have stopped, but I was pursued by something† (VII, 237). That something turns out to be the images, smells, sounds and other reminders of the sister he left behind, proving through the very act of telling the play that memories cannot be escaped regardless of how hard or fast you run. While Tom is now a member of the merchant marine and an accomplished traveler, living out the internal dreams of his youth in a way he had never thought possible while living in his mother’s apartment, this outward show of personal dream fulfillment is revealed as little more than an illusion of its own. In truth, Tom’s heart remains trapped within the small apartment he shared with his mother and sister. In Tom’s case, rather than helping him hide from reality, his memories serve to force reality upon him at odd moments throughout every day.  

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COMMENT PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

COMMENT PAPER - Essay Example (Article 5. 1.a drafted by Dr. F. V. Garcà ­a Amador, Special Rapporteur, and submitted to the International Law Commission. International Responsibility: Second Report 1957 cited in Friedmann,, 760) It goes to say that Allan, even if he is not a national, will be allowed certain basic rights such as making contracts and closing deals. Since it was also mentioned that the State of Lunacy will not tolerate any discrimination in contracting, it is the State’s obligation to render necessary actions to Charlie Company, which they did—revoking Charlie Company’s charter. Therefore, if the Unites States would charge the State of Lunacy in behalf of Allan, the State would not be held liable for Charlie Company’s discrimination because they had already applied the necessary action. b. According to Lunatic law any person seeking redress against a business incorporated under state law is allowed to sue in their courts. Not giving Allan the right to sue because of the sole reason that he is an â€Å"alien† is a violation of the State of Lunacy’s Law. The Clerk would have to face the consequences of his/her judgments against Allan as an answer to the violation. When states fail to adhere to the international standard, a denial of justice may occur. Denial of justice holds states responsible under international law for wrongful administration of justice regarding foreigners committed by the executive, legislative or judicial organs of the State. It includes improper administration of civil and criminal justice with regard to foreign persons, such as denial of access to courts, inadequate procedures, and unjust decisions. (Paulsson, Jan, Denial of Justice in International Law) If not given proper action by the State of Lunacy, the United States could i nclude this situation to their charges against the State in which they will be held liable. c. The State of Lunacy will be not held liable even though Allan is an alien and is injured during

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Coca Cola Company Operations And Strategies Business Essay

Coca Cola Company Operations And Strategies Business Essay Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia in May, 1886. John Pemberton invented the Coca Cola formula in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard. The name was a suggestion given by John Pembertons bookkeeper Frank Robinson. The soft drink was first sold to the public at the soda fountain in Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta on May 8, 1886. About nine servings of the soft drink were sold each day. Sales for that first year added up to a total of about $50. But it cost John Pemberton over $70 in expanses, so the first year of sales were a loss. Until 1905, the soft drink, marketed as a tonic, contained extracts of cocaine as well as the caffeine-rich kola nut. In 1887, another Atlanta pharmacist and businessman, Asa Candler bought the formula for Coca Cola from inventor John Pemberton for $2,300. By the late 1890s, Coca Cola was one of Americas most popular fountain drinks, largely due to Candlers aggressive marketing of the product. With Asa Candl er, now at the helm, the Coca Cola Company increased syrup sales by over 40% between 1890 and 1900. On April 23, 1985, the trade secret New Coke formula was released. Today, products of the Company are consumed at the rate of more than one billion drinks per day. Now company produces more than 300 beverage brands. The corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, with local operations in over 200 countries around the world. More than 70 percent of the income comes from outside the U.S, but the real reason they are a truly global company is that the products meet the varied taste preferences of consumers everywhere. But the Company has several issues that influence its profits and position in the market. Such as still producing its Coca Cola Classic product, which contains high levels of sugar and caffeine which is negatively impact costumers health.   And it may reduce the demand for some of their products and impact customers trust or loyalty.    The second one is banned sales of Coke in its cafeteria by the Indian parliament. When coca cola was tested, it was found that it includes high concentrations of pesticides and insecticides, including lindane, DDT, malathion and chlorpyrifos. Some samples tested showed the presence of these toxins to be more than 30 times the standard allowed by the European Union. But the same drinks were found to be safe in US. The third issue is boycott against the companys using huge amount of water from the common groundwater source. And as a result of its operations the scarce water has been polluted by Coca Cola (case study Coca Colas strategy, Mission and Vision Statement Mission Statement Coca Cola Companys mission statement is to maximize shareowner value over time. In order to achieve this mission, they are creating value for their consumers, bottlers, and their communities. The Coca Cola Company creates value by executing comprehensive business strategies (mission vision values, (2009) Vision Statement To achieve sustainable growth, Coca cola has established a vision with clear goals: Profit: Maximizing return to shareholders; People: Creating great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Thomson, Gamble, and Strickland (2006) suggest that Coca Cola believes a reputation for workforce diversity makes recruiting employees easier (talented employees from diverse backgrounds often seek out such company); Portfolio: Bringing to the world a portfolio of beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy peoples desires and needs; Partners: Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty; Planet: Being a responsible global citizen that makes a difference (mission vision values, (2009) Companys Strategies Brand development Strategy. P.Kotler and K.L.Keller (2009) suggest that brands signal a certain level of quality so that satisfied buyers can easily choose the product again. So Coca Cola Company to far reach and to manage remaining in the limelight it created Brand development strategy. This strategy is effective as it has been able to construct, manage as well as maintain its brand image since yesteryears. As Kotler et. al., (2009) argue, brand loyalty provides predictability and security of demand for the company and creates barriers to entry that make it for other firms to enter the market. The brand loyalty is the instrumental in keeping up companys brand image. Over the years, Coca Cola has passed several tests of brand enhancement and the company makes it a point that the products under the banner Coca Cola continue to invade the minds of the consumers. It involves 4000 customers to test 20 brand attributes every month. With regard to the brand development of Coca Cola Zero, the company came out with an advertisement, which was quite different from the conventional ones. In this regard, (no calorie beverage), it has shelled out three types of products: Coca Cola Classic; Diet Coke; Coca Cola Zero. There are few experts who believe that when Coca Cola had the tag line of The Real Thing, it was really that but with the invention of various categories of coke, the real thing changes to many things, and the original flavor is usually lost. Hence, the brand building strategies should be such that it does not confuse people and is able to retain consumers despite the fact that several new non alcoholic beverage firms are on the (development strategy of Coca Cola, Business Intelligence Strategy. In order to know what consumers prefer it intends to use Information technology (IT) to monitor the pulse of its customers.  Ã‚   According to Information Week article titled Cokes RFID-Based Dispensers Redefine Business Intelligence, Coke plans to roll out the Freestyle drink dispenser nationwide which is taking the concept of customer choice to new heights, and the most interesting aspect is the technology its built on. According to Rainer and Turban (2009), business intelligence (BI) is applications and technologies for consolidating, analyzing and providing access to vast amounts of data to help users make better business and strategic decisions. Freestyle will become Cokes front-line robotic army for BI, sending massive amounts of consumption data back to the beverage companys Atlanta headquarters. The dispensers collect data on what customers are drinking and how much, and transmit that information each night over a private Verizon wireless net work to Cokes SAP data warehouse system in Atlanta. Unique byproduct of this BI enabled dispenser is that Coke can try out new flavors and get back almost real time feedback on the viability of its success.     With a competitive advantage like this, I think its a good idea Coke store its IT details to develop its recipe formula. Price strategy. Sometimes Coca Cola Company changes their product prices according to the season. Summer is supposed to be a good season for beverage industry in Pakistan. So in winter they reduce their prices to maintain their sales and profit. But normally they reduce the prices of their pet bottles or 1 litter glass bottle. Promotion strategy. They get or purchase shelves in big departmental stores and display their products in those shelves in that style which show their product clearer and more attractive for the consumers (Coca colas business intelligence strategy, SWOT Analysis Strengths: 1. Brand equity 2. Product distribution and worldwide network 3. Solid financial performance 4. One of the worlds most recognized brand. 5. Innovation Weaknesses: 1. Credit rating 2. Customer concentration, particularly in the US (Wal-Mart accounts for more than 10% of Coca Colas business in the US) 3. Does not enjoy the number one position in India, Pakistan. Opportunities: 1. Possible growing demand. 2. Expansion reaching all segments. 3. Globalization 4. Catering to Health Consciousness of People 5. Bottled water growth Threats: 1. Health Drinks Fruit Juice Companies 2. Key competitors (Pepsi, etc) 3. Commodity prices growth 4. Image perception in certain parts of the world (case study Coca Colas strategy, www.thecoca-colacompan). Driving Forces I think the first driving force for the company is customer demand. If there is no demand it is meaning in producing the product. So for the Coca Cola, driving force is customer demand. The second one is innovation. Nowadays companies have to be able to survive and grow in an ever-changing market. In order to achieve these they should systematically innovate and deliver new products.   According to Companys late 90s earnings growth of 15-20% per year, turned in three straight years of falling profits.   It was apparent that the market was changing  and for keeping up these changes, Coca-Cola had to move from a single core product to a total beverage company.   This was a major change because their past success was base on having one successful core product.  Now Coca-Cola offers nearly 400 different products in and is still dominating the beverage industry.   The third driving force is globalization. Todays big business takes place on a global scale, and Coca-Cola is no exception.   Technology is continually changing business, and these constant changes have been making it more feasible and profitable for businesses to expand their operations globally in order to serve all different types of diverse markets around the world.   Coca-Cola is taking advantage of the large revenue opportunities made possible by participating in a global market and now offers products in 200 countries around the world.   Issues In my opinion the main issue of the Coca Cola Company is still producing its Coca Cola Classic product, which contains high levels of sugar and caffeine is causing a recent uproar on our increasingly health-conscience world.   There is a possibility that obesity concerns may reduce demand for some of their products.   In addition, the most amounts of its products are selling in the schools so this puts the pressure on Coke to provide healthier alternatives to their drinks if they want to keep selling in schools. The next problem is the Indian parliament has banned the sale of Coke products in its cafeteria. The ban came as the result of tests, including those by the Indian government, which found high concentrations of pesticides and insecticides, including lindane, DDT, malathion and chlorpyrifos, in the colas, making them unfit for consumption. Some samples tested showed the presence of these toxins to be more than 30 times the standard allowed by the European Union. Tests of samples taken from the US of the same drinks were found to be safe. As we know water is rare resource and today one of the main problems of the world is water shortage. This creating the problems in most companys operations and Coca Cola is no exception. The Companys bottling operations are facing severe shortages of water as a result of the cola major sucking huge amounts of water from the common groundwater source. To add insult to injury, the scarce water that remains has been polluted by Coca-Cola as a result of its operations. It is resulting thousands of Indian people protesting against the company. Conclusion and recommendations Though Coca Cola is performing well and gaining trust of its consumers and obtaining new consumers trust every day, it should act even better to keep its current position in beverage industry and keep on growing. The Company should increase its shareholders wealth by increasing its sales and decreasing the costs which will result higher earnings and net profit. As conclusion of analysis I have done, I suggest the following recommendations for the Coca Cola Company: Today everything is rapidly changing and companies for surviving should go step by step with those changes. The innovation gives the company key advantage among its rivals. So Coca Cola Company can introduce a new product, which many people will want to try. Coca Cola needs to continuously strengthen its brand to maintain brand loyalty and differentiate itself from its competitors, in order to maintain its strong market position. Reason of not being popular in India is the utilization of rear water resources. This put negative effect on the brand image, because of cola plant water level in the area decreases which makes the resident life miserable. If the Company wants a number one position in India they have to follow following criteria: Environmental due diligence before acquiring land or starting projects; Environmental impact assessment before commencing operations; Ground water and environmental surveys before selecting sites. Another major asset to a company of this size and clout is maintaining continuity among the workforce.   This is essential to keep the company in a positive direction, accomplishing common goals and constantly setting new goals.  

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Savage Cultures in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness :: Heart Darkness essays

Heart of Darkness Essay: Savage Cultures Conrad effectively evokes a dream like image of the jungle by using language. He uses strong words to describe the natives appearances, characteristics and presumed behavior. Very common in his descriptions are the use of very strong and erotic words like "wild " and "intense". For example the description of a boat load of natives paddling down stream is distinctly primitive. He says "they shouted, and sang†¦ their bodies streamed with perspiration; they had grotesque masks†¦but they had bone, muscle, a wild vitality and intense energy of movement†¦"(78). In contrast a comparison, to the author’s description of a white, affluent, suggestively desirable race, made them appear artificial, sloppy and lethargic. Clearly seen in the following phrase, "flabby, pretending, weak-eyed devil of a rapacious and pitiless folly"(81). Another obvious implication of a primitive and savage culture using language, which gives the reader the illusion of wilderness, is the author's use of the word cannibals. By using the word cannibal the author implies a savage and uncivilized race, since both the word and the act are abrasive. Especially in context with the period this text was written in, 1910. Back then, the idea of natives in the jungle was a proven fact not a rumor or fantasy. Already afraid of this reality the use of the word made the image of the native more frightening and convoluted. Whereas today, cannibals are hardly threatening at all since the likelihood of their existence is purely fiction. Ironically, Conrad is able to combine the use of this word with a very tender and humorous description of his crew, "Fine fellows - cannibals-in their place. They were men one could work with†¦And, after all, they did not eat each other before my face: they brought along a provision of hippo-meat"(104). A last description of a native is of Marlow’s companion the "savage who was fireman"(106). He too was described to imbue the image of a savage as society had presupposed a native would look like. Marlow describes his native physical traits, beginning with a description of his teeth. He said " -and he had filed teeth, too, the poor devil, and the wool of his pate shaved into queer patterns, and three ornamental scars on each of his cheeks.

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How to Write a Legislative Bill

How to Write a Legislative Bill Have you ever had the urge to want to change someone’s perspective? Did you ever think you could make a difference? Were you aware that even students between the ages of eleven to twenty create bills that can become laws? According to the 2012 Youth in Government Student Manuel, more than 100 current West Virginia laws were first considered in the Youth in Government (YG) program. So, how are bills created? Step 1- Choose a bill topic.The most important part of writing a Legislative bill is choosing a comfortable topic that you can relate to or make your own, as well as making it personal or influential to others too. Step 2- Search for a topic that will improve the state. Be creative and original; do not repeatedly write a bill someone else has already tried and failed in the previous years. Step 3- Prepare a preliminary draft of the bill. A. Search the library and internet for resources and materials to support your bill. Seek out authorities and ask their views and opinions of your bill.Authorities can include representatives from Public Health, Education, Government, Law Enforcement, Economic Development, Business, Labor, Community Organizations, and Faith Groups, Etc. B. Weigh your proposed bill against the Constitution, using both State and Federal standards and consult with practiced law professionals, such as a lawyer or judge. C. State-oriented legislation must be within the constitutional authority of the State Government†¦ not Federal Government. D. Select a section of the state code where your proposed bill â€Å"fits. † Cite or (write) that section number in the Preamble of your bill.Step 4- Ask peers or others to critique the bill to highlight arguments both for and against, as well as make suggestions for improvement. Step 5- Draft your bill in its correct format. Bills are typed as received, so make sure there are no grammatical errors; check your spelling, sentence structure, and code citations for correctness. Step 6- Research the bill topic for presentations to the Committee, Legislature, Lobbyists, the Governor and his or her Cabinet. Step 7- Now, your bill is ready for submission. Be sure to meet the proper deadline.Never attempt to write a last minute bill, so you can make sure you feel confident and completely prepared when presenting. When deciding on a topic for your bill, you want to make it your own, and not what someone else created. People have similar ideas for bills, but may not have the proper wording; therefore, their bills are often voted down. Anyone can make a difference; you just have to be willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. I surely enjoyed the experience of stepping out from my comfort zone to participate in the amazing learning process of writing a Legislative Bill.