Sunday, November 3, 2019

Critique of Professional Lecture #1 and Lecture #2 Assignment

Critique of Professional Lecture #1 and Lecture #2 - Assignment Example Technologies are designed to effectively enhance production and decision making performances. The first lecture focuses on the importance of technology in healthcare (Lawrence Technological University, 2014). The paper shows that today’s healthcare system is far better than the healthcare system of more than twenty years ago. Dr. V. Moudgil reiterates that the average life span of individuals is more than 60 years of age. On the other hand, the average life span of the individuals 20 years ago was less than 50 years of age. Modern technology contributed to individuals living longer lives. Dr. Glen Greene spoke on the use of medical technology implant device inserted in a child’s throat allowed the child to breathe without the help of ventilators or breathing machines. Mr. Sean Bumstead focused on innovative technology enhanced medical care, resolving consequences of healthcare issues. Mr. Bumstead focused on resolving the cost of healthcare businesses, generating profits. Mr. Bumstead indicated that hackers generated $ U.S. billions from steal credit card and o ther information. The hackers increased their theft outputs by using cloud technology. Dr. John Tu focused on the government’s funding healthcare programs by allocating funds to hospitals and medical professionals. The second lecture focuses on the technology presentation of Microsoft management officer John Fikany (Lawrence Technological University, 2014). Mr. Fikany shows the different technologies developed and promoted by one of the world’s technology giants, Microsoft. Mr. Fikany shows how the future world of technology makes the life of the ordinary citizen easier. The Microsoft technology products were created in order to make the information technology device owners more productive. By letting the information technology devices do the mundane mathematical, word processing, and other data gathering and preparation, the Microsoft device owners

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