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The Induction Process, An Outline Essay - 1340 Words

An induction is a process for the employee to receive full understanding of the company values, principles and objectives. It is designed for new employees and employees taking a new role within the company. It helps to understand what the company expect from the employee. An induction process gives a clear view to the employee about the company and gives him all the information needed to fulfil his duty. †¢ It helps the employee to work effectively within a short time, by following the guidance given. †¢ It helps to motivate a person by giving him understandable level of knowledge to do the job. †¢ An induction process helps him to extend his skills. †¢ It gives the employee a welcoming feeling, so the employee feels valuable. †¢ It†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ The employee will be introduced to his mentor and members of the team. †¢ The line manager delegate tasks to a mentor to reduce his workload. †¢ All necessary training will be delivered to the employee on the first day to make him aware of safety in the work place. 3. First week at work. †¢ Within the first week the employee will be closely followed, coached and trained by his line manager and mentor. †¢ The employee will receive all training as required. †¢ All necessary meetings will be arranged for the employee to meet his key contacts and customers. 4. From the second week up to week twelve: †¢ The employee is coached by his line manager. †¢ More training is given. †¢ The employee has been observed and assessed. †¢ The line manager will prepare constructive feedback from the customers and key contacts. 5. End of the twelve week induction period. †¢ It is very important to review the induction program of the employee at the end. †¢ The employee will also have a chance to give his feedback, by filling in an evaluation form. †¢ We will know if an employee has enough experience to do his job. †¢ The employee will know what is expected from him. †¢ All concerns will be highlighted. †¢ A decision will be made if more training is needed. Good practise principles are followed within the induction process. To follow a good practise is to prepare a basic TO-DO list for the whole induction process.Show MoreRelatedQuestions and Answers on Companies and Employees Essay1232 Words   |  5 Pages1.1 Describe the benefits of induction By having an organised and well structured induction process there are many benefits to both the company and the new employee. From the company’s perspective it is vital that the employee integrates into the company successfully as the main aim of the company is to retain the new employee. By having a clear and concise induction process, this creates a professional first impression of the company and gives the employee a positive mindset and outlook. If a newRead MoreIntroducing a New Employee to a Company or Business Essay1126 Words   |  5 Pageswould introduce a new employee to the business through Induction this helps them work safely and effectively. This also includes existing employees how they would benefit from coaching and improve their skills within the work place. What the benefits are of completing a proper constructed introduction. The assignment is based on if we had a new member on our teams. We have to arrange for them to be inducted following the Induction process explain how its operated and what support they will receiveRead MoreA Local Trusts Policy For Induction Of Labour1429 Words   |  6 Pageslocal trusts policy for induction of labour due to a prolonged pregnancy. To begin with it will define induction of labour and outline the significance of this policy. Moving on it will look at how the policy has interpreted and delivered national drivers at a local level. It will critically analysis the key national drivers and guidelines that have influenced the local maternity service of induction of labour . It will also examine the local trust policy for induction of labour for post maturityRead MoreResourcing and Talent Planning1003 Words   |  5 Pagesplanning process. Studying this unit will enable learners to understand the factors which impact on an organisation’s resourcing and talent p lanning policy. They will learn about the relationship between recruitment and selection by identifying the key stages in each separate but related process. The benefits to the organisation of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce will be emphasised. They will be able to make a positive contribution to the recruitment and selection process by developingRead MoreKaren Robinsonilm Level 3. Understanding The Induction1412 Words   |  6 Pages Karen Robinson ILM Level 3 Understanding the induction of new staff in the workplace 13 November 2016 1. Understand the induction process 1.1 Explain the importance of effective induction Induction training is an introduction for new starters in order to enable them to do their work in a new job role within an organization. The importance of an effective induction is imperative to both employee and employer .For a new employee induction in the workplace is often the first impression of theRead MoreThe Theory Of The Acu Induction Program1288 Words   |  6 PagesThe ACU Induction Program provides a mechanism for introducing new staff members to their role and responsibilities and to the ACU Mission, culture, ethos, community, organisational structure and the legal requirements associated with employment at the University. Undertaking and completing the ACU Induction Program, including successful completion of essential online learning modules, within the first six months is a condition of employment for all new staff of ACU to whom this Policy applies. Read MoreThe Importance Of A Human Resources Function Within A Company1278 Words   |  6 Pages1.0 Terms of Reference Within this report, I will outline the reasons why it is both important and necessary to have a human resources function within a company and examine the purpose and benefits of HR management. Specifically, I will be looking at employment legislation, inductions within the workplace and the recruitment and employment process. Although it is imperative to have some kind of HR function within a business that hires staff, I will analyse the advantages and disadvantages ofRead MoreThe Revision Of Induction Program867 Words   |  4 PagesPart 1 a) Project Brief †¢ Project origins The project of the revision of induction program is aimed to improve the process of the induction program as well as the content and activities of the program to make new comers gain useful knowledge to start off their work and get a proper welcome. †¢ Benefits The new induction program is more well-structured as it provides the required content needed for new staff to know, such as the philosophies, values and culture, product and service. So, we can buildRead MorePublic Trusts Policy For Induction Of Labour786 Words   |  4 PagesThe purpose of this essay is to explore a local trusts policy for induction of labour due to a prolonged pregnancy and discuss how this has been interpreted from national drivers and then implemented at a local level. To begin with it will define induction of labour and outline the significance of this policy. Moving on it will discuss the national drivers and then look at how the policy has interpreted and delivered the national drivers at a local level. It will also discuss how national driverRead MoreHuman Resource Information System And Human Resources Management System1399 Words   |  6 Pagesneeds of a company so the system will remain flexible and relevant throughout the life of the company or enterprise 2. STAFF INDUCTION POLICY 1. Purpose and Objectives This policy sets out the SAMSUNGS’s commitment to welcoming staff who are new to UQ, and outlines the objectives of staff induction as well as the responsibilities of the parties involved in the induction process. 2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms Head – Head of organisational unit 3. Policy Scope/Coverage This policy applies to all SAMSUNG

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