Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Student of the International Foundation Course Essay - 2

A Student of the International Foundation Course - Essay Example What was even more disturbing was that students who copied the module from the book got a percentage as high as seventy. The aim of preparing a portfolio is to provide a framework for independent work especially as now there is reduced class contact time. Students are grouped according to their ability and hence such a portfolio enables a student to understand his own level. Besides, what I understand is that preparing such a module empowers a student to have control over his learning. It may also demonstrate the employability skills in undergraduates. If these be the aims of an independent learning portfolio, how is it justified that a student who worked independently to prepare the portfolio is granted just a pass percentage while others who copied it from the book, receive over seventy percent? The very purpose is defeated as the marks are not fairly awarded. Besides, most students keep away from such lessons. I feel this should be discontinued from the next session as it really d oes not benefit anyone. In another module, we had to write an essay on fast food. This is something interesting and I enjoyed working on it. We were required to write more than 500 words and I was excited as I scored the highest in the group which was 63%. I like writing and I truly look forward to this module although I must admit I do not like to work on projects. I have also been wondering whether I liked the essay writing because I scored the highest and dislike the independent learning portfolio because I just managed a forty percent. Deep introspection revealed that it is, in fact, the other way round. I got good scores in essay writing because I love writing and I can put my heart into it. When we like something, we enjoy doing it and put our best efforts into it. Maybe my mind did not accept the idea of preparing an independent portfolio as I found no benefits out of it.  Reflection has now made me understand and accept that preparing the Independent learning portfolio was not a useless exercise a fter all. I thought I knew how to prepare it and perhaps complacency set in. I realize that if we do something without interest and involvement, we certainly find it boring.  

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