Friday, July 26, 2019

Marketing communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing communication - Essay Example It creates brand awareness among the consumers. To make brand recall and improve it further, marketing communication is an effective way. In order to increase sales, a favorable climate is to be made, which is possible only if the marketing communication is well developed by the company and as the marketing initiatives need to be communicated in the market. The prospects i.e. the customers need to be informed and also educated regarding different products of company which are prevailing in the market. To inform and educate them proper tools of marketing communication are highly efficient. In order to have a competitive advantage in this cut throat competitive market, one should know how to make effective utilization of marketing communication. With this the company can stay ahead in the market and can be the market leader. Tesco’s products are more eco-friendly. It aims to provide products like Tesco laundry detergent which reduces the carbon foot print. It forces consumers to go green. In this way, Tesco is promoting their product which emits less carbon foot print which is an example of tangible advertisement. As the whole world is conscious about environmental issues Tesco is taking the advantage about it and producing product which is good for the environment. Also they have introduced orange juice with the level of carbon reduction. Tesco is using the Carbon Reduction Label in their products as a new strategy in the market. John Lewis has launched its on-line magazine with the on-line partner It informs about the products they offer, different schemes available and various destination for vacation. Overall, the magazine gives one a guide to access category of products available and new launches in the store. They are using this on-line magazine as a strategy for promoting their products. Both the companies, Tesco and John Lewis, are powerful enough to take on home shopping operations. The categories of products of

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