Monday, August 12, 2019

Critical thinking assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Critical thinking assignment - Essay Example Conversely, soil in front of laboratory might have been used in forensic testing. The soil texture is compacted, which means that the soil has purity. The permeability of the soil could be measured during the chemical process. Basing on the soil’s texture, one can make conclusions concerning its composition (Orthmann and Hess 4). The physical properties to be assessed can also include weight, color, boiling point, and melting point of the soil. Compaction can be instrumental in determining the consistency in soil samples of the same origin. Observation of color change is necessary in an experiment that measures consistency in the samples of soils. The density gradient method assists in identifying an element found in the soil. In the experiment, a soil sample is placed in a cylinder containing solutions of varying densities. A band on the surface of the cylinder signifies the presence of elements in a soil sample. As such, the particles are suspended in between the solutions of different densities. Observation method can also be instrumental in detecting elements in the soil when the sample is dissolved in a solution. This information can be useful during a criminal investigation, as it assists in analyzing evidence in a crime

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