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Religious Expression in Humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Religious Expression in Humanities - Essay Example Due to this, religion is an integral part of the society that fosters humanness and social progress. Rome is an ancient city that plays a pivotal role in world religion. The Romans believed in a strong connection between the gods and the people. Most Romans held the central view regarding the value and importance of religion (Dillon and Garland 54). The religious convictions of the Roman culture were evident in their manner of worship and lifestyle. In fact, religion became central to their culture. The Romans used several ways to express their religion. Rome is an ancient city where the citizens found it necessary to offer sacrifices to their gods. Ceremonies found their meaning in terms of the religious expressions. For example, families would conduct prayers to the household god, Janus. In addition, the Roman government had various religious offices to cater for the religious needs of the society. For instance, the priests held senior positions in the society (Dillon and Garland 67). Due to this, the role of religion played a critical role when it came to the dissemination of duties. In the Roman case, there were 16 Pontifices who would preside over religious events. The ruler of the Roman Empire found it necessary to consult these priests before making a decision. The period 770-220 BCE was the â€Å"Spring and Autumn Period† that covers part of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and Hans Dynasty. Even though the Chinese had a high regard for religion, the Zhou Dynasty did not have any regard for religion (Lagerwey and Kalinowski 22). It was a period characterized by elitism and religion. Scholars believe that during this period, no prophet spoke. The priests did not take any part in explaining the will of the heavens. In addition, there were no books that could explain the religious expectations of man. During this time, heaven’s role took a back seat. On the contrary, when Hans took over, religion took a critical position. The Chinese concept

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