Thursday, October 17, 2019

Applied ethics ( ethics in marketing) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Applied ethics ( ethics in marketing) - Essay Example The theory emphasizes the need for people to learn how to break bad habits of character for example greed or anger (Chonko, & Hunt, 1985). The advertisement I choose from the news is on the Embassy Cigarettes. On the theory of deontological, the company marketing has the obligation to adhering to the moral rules. This implies that when marketing this brand of cigarettes, they should not give any misleading information about the product. Marketers must clearly indicate the contents that have been used to make the cigarettes on the packet. The contents indicated must genuine, only those that were used without any additional materials or omitting some of the ingredients. This a moral ethic as the consumer gets to know what was used in the making of that product and based on that information, consumers will make decisions. When all the content is genuinely on the packet, the user will read through that information and based on it, they will be able to decide whether to buy it or not. Marketers must ensure that the information they display is not misleading to the product consumer (Gibson, 2000). The marketers of the Embassy Cigarettes must focus on the second theory of marketing ethics, the teleology theory. Based on their advertisement, the marketers should consider what action their decision might have to the consumer after using the product. The teleology theory emphasizes that the company has the obligation of taking care of the customer. The product should not affect the user after using it, due to the false information given to it. For example, if the marketers omit to include an ingredient used in the manufacture of the cigarette on the packet, it is not ethically correct. This because a consumer will make a wrong decision in case the product consist an ingredient that causes complications to their health. When they buy and use the product, they are sure

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