Friday, October 4, 2019

Internet for Business Assignment Personal Statement

Internet for Business Assignment - Personal Statement Example And this event has been my chance. Having had Thortons' chocolates every day of my life here in UK, I am excelled at the chocolate tasting quiz and almost guessed all the chocolates presented to us. We spend the whole Saturday morning touring the locality and taking pictures of the lush gardens and other sceneries. During the afternoon, we attended a series of interactive workshops which includes sampling the dessert gallery collection which features some of my favorites from Thorntons. The highlight of the day was the opportunity given to the guests to create their own chocolate sculptures. I personally enjoyed this part of the weekend as I was able to experiment. However, the sculpture didn't turn out the way I want it to be. The presenters also educated us about the origins of the chocolate, how cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate bars as well as the process of making some Thorntons masterpieces. Our Saturday ended with a three course private dinner as we are serenaded by classical music which dates back from the time of Mozart and Beethoven. The last day of our Chocolate Lovers Weekend commenced with a sumptuous breakfast. I am surprised as one of the hotel staff brought free chocolates into our room together with fruits to be dipped in the chocolate fountain. I have always believed in you... Subject: Thornton's Chocolate Lovers Weekend at Hilton Tewkesbury Dear Sir Mike, I have always believed in your commitment in maintaining the leadership of Thorntons in the confectionery industry. The launch of Thorntons Chocolate Weekend at Hilton Tewkesbury which you envision to add more customer value proves to be correct having experienced the fun myself last week. The activities designed for this event highlights truly highlights the company's quest in making Thorntons a part of the consumers' daily life. Acquainting our customers on how they can make their own chocolate sculptures and fountains at home gives them the chance to delight their guests and loved ones using our products. Also, the incorporation of leisure, good music, and sumptuous meals further stress and link Thorntons chocolates with relaxation and indulgence. With all these good points however, I believe that the event can still be improved by designing different activities according to each guest's preferences. Having a different set of activities per weekend will not only customize experience but will enable the company to know more about the inclination of its customers. Having a weekend for teens will also be possible noting the fact that teens' spending on confectionery is increasing rapidly. I believe that with the number of people joining the event, the Chocolate Lovers Weekend will have an impact on internet business trends especially because the primary publicity used is online advertisement. Thorntons should continue informing customers about these events through websites that they visit. Sincerely, Your Name

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