Friday, October 18, 2019

What is the role of a public administrator Essay

What is the role of a public administrator - Essay Example During colonial times the public servants were only known as implementers of policies. They collected taxes, maintained law and order and public infrastructure. As times have changed governments have realized developmental face of the public administration can no longer be shredded solely into private shoulders. The economic growth and general readiness of the population comes from the active participation of public services in the developmental fields. PA's are working in diverse fields like education, transportation, postal services, agricultural awareness, public private partnerships etc. This new dimension has added additional responsibilities of treating the citizens as customers. Customers/Citizens understanding of the roles of a PA is with reference to their own standing. Citizen as a customer of service offerings would expect polite and on time delivery of the service. Analyzing from a tax - payer point of view, customers expect good infrastructure, security, educational initiatives etc, which in turn will affect their standard of living. The specific functional role of a PA may be a police personnel, magistrate, administrative officer etc. The general awareness all these roles require is that, customers assess them from their viewpoint, which means, meeting their expectations is the bare minimum to pass the test of common good. Due to the changes in the world economy PA's are faced with competitive situa

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