Monday, June 24, 2019

China in Its Role as a Donor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

China in Its Role as a Donor - Essay ExampleHowever, in the recent two-three years, emerging economies kindred China, India, Brazil, Kuwait, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Korea have started paying significant roles as international givers. These emerging countries have started changing the scenario of world development assistance by encouraging a shift in the sources of global tutelage and donations from the DAC countries to the non DAC countries. In the last decade, the roe of China as a global donor has been highly visible, especially because of the increase magnitude of its contributions and the differentiated manner in which the country donates for the foreign aid purposes. This report is prepared with the aim of discussing the role of China as a donor in the global development assistance domain and also to appraise the ways in which China has brought in new dimensions in the global aid and development programs in this century. In the present era, the donations for global develo pment governance are characterized by equal impacts and contributions from both the DAC and non DAC donors (Zimmermann and Smith, 2011). The new geographical areas like tenderness East and Asia pacific have started developing as significant donors in this domain. The donors operating for the development of the global governance can be categorized in two main sections. The first section is the traditional section of donors which include the members of the OECD countries which are commonly called the DAC countries and operate under the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) which has been naturalized within the OEC exclusively for the purpose of assistance. The other section of donors encompasses the emerging donor economies in the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions of the world (Woods, 2008).

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