Friday, June 21, 2019


INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING AND ADVERTISING COURSEWORK ASSESSMENT - Assignment ExampleTelevision advertisements have a wide scope of coverage. A new brand of coffee should be able to create a strong original collecting to potential buyers and have competitive features to other beverages. The target merchandise does not have conspicuous boundaries. As a result, it is difficult to predict such as market. Television advertising send packing reach many spate at a time. With the use of the media, marketers can incorporate the advertisements at usual times when consumers use the class of beverages (Blick, 2011). Otherwise, television advertisements are very expensive and should still be used when there are high projections of revenue.A new recipe for cereals is mostly applicable to chefs and households. Television media is the best place for marketing the product. It would appeal to the youth and young individuals. Advertisements should be mostly placed during programs that appeal to t he audience that marketers intend for the product. Television has the advantage that they appeal to many people (Hutt, & Speh, 2013). Otherwise, they are reckon intensive. Marketers can also use hospitals to market the recipes because slimming could relate to health issues. The target market can be patients with obesity. Target market can also be clients at gyms.A recipe is a service product. It poses challenges on how to present it to the audience. Intangible products are difficult to deal with because they do not have physiologic properties that individuals can use to please clients. The most appropriate media for the recipe is one that facilitates demonstrations. In television media, there is an opportunity to offer demonstrations on how to undertake the recipe. The advertisements can be incorporated at strategic times. Lastly, marketers can offer demonstration sessions for chefs and the public to inform them of the new recipe.The market segment for this product is mainly the y outh. small fry budget is not intensive and would require specific timing of events. Marketers

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