Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Introduction to the internet and e-business Assignment

Introduction to the internet and e-business - Assignment ExampleThe transaction is terminate when commission is divided between both estate agents because of being part of a transaction. act 2 dwelling survival of the fittest will benefit from having its induce website because those customers, who could not travel and approach Home Choice at its offices, will directly log onto its website and submit their buying or selling bid. For instance, all parties and clients could be informed about available property units in diverse localities through automatic email generation process thereby enhancing communication and business contacts with customers. Also, Home Choice will get a competitive edge because it could reduce by closing some money losing offices in expensive London city. Answer 3 An e-business is a business model that enables the organisations, end-users and governments to do business through leveraging technology and using the Internet and features of World Wide Web (the Web) to complete transactions (Roberts, 2004). Answer 4 Internet enables businesses and consumers in real time interaction and communication through email, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, chat etc. Indeed, these mentioned options are quite stamp down for transferring messages across the internet, thereby enabling communication at a very low cost. For instance, the use of Skype has further facilitated this message transfer from sender to telephone receiver and feedback from recipient to sender. Answer 5 The main features of Hyper Text Markup Language include facilitation in multimedia objects, scripting, background colour, marquee, tags, style sheets, hyperlinks, tables and layout, forms and math etc. In other words, current versions of HTML likewise include the new features that are still not completely explored. Answer 6 An internet is a network of networks through which end-users could come to to external world networks and people. Internet has, nevertheless, reduced boun daries among nations as people across USA could contact through a click to users 7,000 miles away in sub-continent. On the contrary, Intranet is an inherent network that is used by organisations / institutions to enables its employees to transfer and share information within the premises. Whereas, extranet are also used by organisations to bridge gaps between / among their internal and external customers. For example, employees could share a companys some (not all) internal information through extranet with their clients, suppliers, partners etc. Answer 7 First of all, Home Choice has to develop / design a website so that it could provide available buying and selling property units. Next, Home Choice has to implement an online purchase / sales organisation in which the admin will play the role of moderator. This would enable parties to communicate when they could approach companys office for official visit to property unit and negotiations. Offers could also be submitted online in case face-to-face deal is not possible due to distance and time constraints. Answer 8 E-business is actually a different business model because it provides the luxury of online transactions without even travelling personally to shops, offices and showrooms. The model is prove successful when a company has established its brands and when it offers top smell brands at justified prices with excellent sales service. Circuit City, a US based supermarket which is now completely online based, is one of the major examples. However, the model does not proven successful if

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