Monday, September 23, 2019

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Essay Example Further Guseh & Oritsejafor (2007), corruption flourishes in Nigeria because of absence of desire and capacity from the corrupt leaders to modify country’s ethical tenor; tolerance or acceptance of corruption by civil society; and the dominance of the administration on economic globe. For Arik Airline, differentiation from corruption and mismanagement practices that cause discrimination and racism will result to anticorruption compliance rules and regulations. With the presence of corruption, Nigerian political and economic programs diminish efforts to develop viable airline institutions, and weaken the forecast of establishing a powerful institution in Nigeria. Anticorruption compliance rules wills result to viability and of the firm through establishment of citizen trust and confidence hence boosting profitability. Nwachukwu (2011) reveals that Arik Air was marred with corruption and mismanagement and in effort to become an international carrier, corruption, and mismanagemen t should be eliminated. Mismanagement has resulted into huge debts and loss of Airbus jet for failure to repay loans. Further, management results into bleaching of Nigerian labour laws resulting to hiring of foreign expatriates even for positions that local Nigerians would suit. With corruption, it is clear that it would be hard to hire Nigerians into Arik Air because the firm is in favour of hiring foreign based expatriates even as ground staff and the fact that no qualifications or expertise is checked to hire expatriates in some positions (Nwachukwu, 2011). Further, the firm has long ignored the Nigerian labour law requirement that for each expatriate, there has to be a Nigerian staff tp learn from the foreigner and implement eventually replace them within 12 months. Conversely, Arik Air hires expatriates to understudy the other expatriates while Nigerians remain under the same conditions

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