Monday, September 2, 2019

Technology and Education Essay -- Technological Essays

Technology and Education The idea of integrating technology (like computers in every classroom and an overhead projector that is connected to the teachers computer) into education is a relatively new idea, and when I first started researching the topic I tried to look for the adverse effects of technology and education. Through my research I have decided that integrating technology into the classroom is indeed a good idea. Even though some teachers and students have a hard time working with the new technology many schools are starting to use, the adverse effects of technology do not compare with all the benefits of integrating technology into education. The Ameritech Electronic University School Classroom is a recently developed facility at Kent State University. The goal of this project is to give students in Kindergarten to 12th grade a chance to work with the latest technology (Drew par. 2). The classroom is equipped with 12 networked computers, a scanner, a printer, videoconferencing cameras connected to several computers, digital still-frame cameras, camcorders, and a VCR (Drew par.2). The goal of this project is to see what advantages or disadvantages would surface from having students work in a technologically advanced setting. The researchers who were conducting this experiment would observe and tape the classroom dynamics. The first major success of this program was that both the students and the teachers felt comfortable using the hardware and software by the end of the allotted time. At first the teachers indicated that they were somewhat ill-prepared to work in the Ameritech classroom but by the end of the semester they all indicated they were vary deft in working with the programs. The teachers also n... ...nology are also ways that we are glorifying God; because every smidgen of knowledge that we gain, no matter how the knowledge is delivered, helps us understand the glory of our Lord. Works Cited Drees, William B. ""Playing God? Yes!" Religion in the Light of Technology." Zygon volume 37 number 3 September 2002. November 30, 2002 <>. Tiene, C. Drew and Pamela Luft. "Classroom Dynamics in a Technology-Rich Learning Environment." Learning and Leading with Technology. version 29 number 4 December 2001/January 2002. October 16, 2002 <>. Morgan, Konrad and Madeleine Morgan and John Hall. "Psychological Developments in High Technology Teaching and Learning Environments." British Journal of Educational Technology. version 31 number 1 January 2000. November 30, 2002 <>.

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