Friday, September 13, 2019

Stratigic Financial Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 words

Stratigic Financial Management - Essay Example The main trends of the industry are the explosion in electronic trading; the service providers have their own technologies and systems; and the coming of the age of media personalization. On the other hand, to analyze the company situation was considered the product and market strategy, its business unit situation and the financial performance. With respect to financial performance, Reuters had a gradual improvement in sales in 2005, but its profitability has been very volatile in the last few years, nevertheless in February 2006 experienced an amazing 25% increase in its 2005 profits. The question here is if the sale of INSTINET has benefited not only Reuters but also Nasdaq According to financial data presented, both companies are in a much stronger and healthy financial position than before the sale of Instinet. With nearly 200 news bureaus, Reuters ranks as the world's largest international news agency, publishing stories in almost 20 languages. Reuters has always been an innovative leader in delivering news. In 1850 Reuters founder, Paul Julius Reuter, "created a company devoted to delivering information using the best available technology" ("History of Reuters' Technical developments," p. 1). In 1850, the best available technology was a fleet of 45 pigeons that would deliver news and stock prices between Brussels and Germany within two hours. Through the use of these birds, the company was able to beat news delivery by the railroad by six hours. Reuter quickly exploited the technology of the telegraph as soon as it was introduced. Throughout the years Reuters has continued to lead in new uses of information technology. Reuters remains the leading global provider of news, financial information and technology solutions to the world's financial institutions, businesses and the media. According to its website: "Reuters strength lies in its unique ability to offer customers around the world a combination of content, technology and connectivity. Its offerings include: real-time financial data; transaction capabilities; analytical, risk and trade management tools; collective investment data from Lipper; historical databases; and text, graphics, video and pictures to media organisations woldwide." ("," p. 1). Reuters Background Reuters is an information service, traditionally news. In recent years, it has become a financial organization as

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