Saturday, September 7, 2019

Over-education In the Ggaduate Labour Market Case Study Of UK Market Essay

Over-education In the Ggaduate Labour Market Case Study Of UK Market - Essay Example This essay declares that there are various reasons that signify why policy maker needs to concern about the fact of over-education especially in recent time. Majority of the worker are leaving their jobs due to lack of job satisfaction and this imposes huge waste on the government. In order to remove the incidence of over-education problem, government, and other policy makers are trying to modify the UK’s labour market structure. They have already started to relate qualification of the future worker with the changing requirements of labour market. The literature on over-education shows that there was an unfavourable effect of the over-education issues on wage. The over educated people deserve higher wage than what they are actually paid. This paper has tried to evaluate the implication of over-education problem among the graduate in the UK’s labour market. Over-education has an impact on both wages and job satisfaction. In order to eliminate or reduce the consequence of over-education problem, the policy maker needs to become more concerned about the problem. In this context, several policies can be suggested here. The government needs to increase the effectiveness of their strategies for creating skill-based jobs and improve the condition of the job market. Further, policy makers can advice workers on the labour market to choose their career option according to their qualifications. In this way, government can take future steps to eliminate the issues of over-education problem.

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